"Where I Stand"

By: Maria R


In Ontario the longest road is know as Young Street. With all the construction happening in many cities and the traffic builds up and there is not a steady traffic flow. Young street is a street that a lot of people use to go straight down to another cities. No one ever wants to sit in traffic on there way home from work or to work. They should not do construction in a bunch of different cities at the same time on Young Street because its causing delay and stoping the traffic flow. They should organize a time for each city do there own construction and make a detour so people can still get around and it wont stop the traffic flow. It's causing people to change there commutes and making the average daily commute a lot longer then it should be.


There are many problems in our enviroment but here are some examples. Our lakes are getting more and more polluted each day. Between boats using the lakes and there gas having to go somewhere such as the water and also from industries dumping there waste in the waters. People need to understand that what they are destroying is shorting in what there water source is. If we want to fix this problem we have to act fast. We should put restrictions on what you can dump in the waters and also how much you can use the lake for transportation. Nobody ever wants to see ugly lakes. Another one of our problems in our enviroment is how many people drive cars and the amount of gas going up in the air polluting our air. We should try changing to hybrid cars because there would be less polluting the air and you could also save money on gas.
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Health Promotion & Sport

In Ontario we have overall pretty good health care. Unfortunately these days little children and teens are always playing video games and texting instead of going out and getting physical activity. All kids spend half there day almost in school sitting and listening to lessons but when they have a chance to go to gym class or recess they should be suggested and somewhat forced to participate in physical activity that gets there heart rate up. Also a lot of school have programs where they bring food in to school and students by them ahead of time to eat. They should bring in healthy programs that promotes kids to go for the healthier snack and chips or other unhealthy foods.