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Teacher Spotlight: Who is going OVERBOARD?

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Mrs. Sanford - 3rd Grade

Natasha Sanford has jumped on board the Big Creek ship this year and gone overboard with her students in so many ways! She built relationships with each of her students early in the year so that they feel comfortable learning in her class. She incorporates many collaborative activities so her students have fun learning. One new activity she has implemented is "Teaching Fridays". Every other Friday she invites students to share something they are passionate about with the class. She has told her students that the highest form of learning is being able to teach something to someone else, so they take these "Teaching Fridays" very seriously!

Check out this video to see a snapshot of a day in Mrs. Sanford's class!

Voyage Ideas - Books about Patience

Follow Friday - @nittygrittyscience

Nitty Gritty Science is a really sharp looking teacher Instagram account. Photos of interactive science journals, bulletin boards I actually want to get up close to, and links to awesome stuff like STEM books for girls makes this a very fun account to scroll through. Dr. Eric Colon fills his Instagram feed with lesson ideas and fun interactive science projects. Follow @nittygrittyscience to see more!