By: Saoirse Moloney

Three Types of Rocks

All types of rocks are composed of minerals. They are classified by their origin of formation and textures.

There are three types of rocks

- Igneous Rocks

- Sedimentary Rocks

- Metamorphic


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  • Diorite is an Igneous rock
  • This crystal formed inside of a volcano. It formed slowly.
  • The crystals are 1 mm to 10 mm in size. It has a coarse texture.
  • Non-vesticular
  • It has a light color, low density, and it is Felsic.
  • Potassium Fedspar 20%, 60% Quartz, 20% Plagioclase Fedspar, 10% Biotite Mica, and 10% Amphibole.
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Rock Salt

  • Rock Salt is a Sedimentary rock
  • Rock Salt is chemically formed.
  • Fine to coarse crystals and a crystalline texture.
  • Composed of Halite.
  • Crystals from chemical precipitates and evaporates.
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  • Marble is a Metamorphic rock
  • Non-Foliated texture
  • Fine to coarse grain size.
  • Composed or Calcite and/or Dolomite.
  • Regional or Contact Metamorphism
  • Metamorphism of Limestone or Dolostone.

The Rock Cycle

The Rock Cycle is a model showing how rocks and sediments change over time.
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