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February 18, 2022

Enjoy February Break!

Universal Masking and Health Reminder

Universal Masking Change

As you may have learned on February 15 or saw on the news, Vermont is ending its universal masking mandate for schools. The Board of Trustees voted to move to a mask-optional environment for BJAMS, effective February 28. This approved motion includes all students, staff, and guests at our school. We recognize that this will be good news to some and disappointing news to others. However, I believe we can all move forward as a supportive school community that will continue to coexist, despite different positions on the highly sensitive issue.

Please speak to your student about respecting the decisions of others; we anticipate that many students, family members, and staff will continue to prefer to wear masks while in school. Please remember that many folks are or live with vulnerable or immunocompromised individuals. Or, folks may simply feel safer while wearing a mask (particularly when returning from a school break). Still others may embrace this opportunity, excited by the option to choose whether to wear a mask and discontinue doing so. We don't know everyone's reasons for the choices they make; nor do we need to know in this case. While we may not all share the same points of view, we all share the same loving and faithful school. Please be kind, please be respectful.

Health Reminder

Our illness policy is not changing at this time. Staff and students should monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status. If staff or students have any symptoms of COVID, they should stay home from school, and test for COVID if symptoms are not markedly improved in 24 hours: Everyone needs to be symptom-free for 24 hours prior to return to school. We will soon be providing rapid antigen tests for students and staff, once we receive our order of tests. Per the Vermont Department of Health guidelines, any school guest, student, or staff member who tests positive for COVID will be required to wear a mask in all of our school buildings from Day 6 through Day 10 after their positive diagnosis.

We distributed vacation test kits to many families yesterday. If you did not receive a vacation test kit and would like one, please stop by the front office.


These teachers were caught in the act of having outdoor fun with students!

Math and ELA Interventionist: Long Term Sub!

We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Kelly MacMartin as our long term sub for the school's Math and ELA Interventionist position. Mrs. MacMartin joins us from Calais where she has worked as a classroom teacher for many years. We are excited to welcome Mrs. MacMartin to the BJAMS family on Monday, February 28!

Support BASH 2022

Our annual fundraising gala is coming in May, and we are looking for sponsors for the big event.

Are you a business owner looking to give back to your community at large? Maybe your employer is looking to do the same?

There are 3 sponsorship levels to choose from offering advertisement in a variety of ways. Please visit for more information.

Prayer Bears

Vermont Teddy Bear Factory generously offered us a deep discount on bears for each of our Pre-K and Kindergarten students. We have been lovingly calling them “prayer bears” as they are meant to be a reminder of the importance of prayer. Thank you to Mrs. Titcomb for organizing this wonderful opportunity for our early childhood classes!

BJAMS Volunteer Work Day

Dear friends of our school and supporters since its inception, Ed and Sue Olsen, lead volunteer work days periodically throughout the year. Depending on the season and the needs of the school, tasks vary.

During the upcoming work day, the focus will be indoors on general housekeeping: washing windows, cleaning sills, replacing ceiling tiles, minor classroom repairs, and the like.

It is amazing what the work of many hands can accomplish in just a few short hours!

Please consider pitching in - Saturday, March 5 from 8:00am-12:00pm

Catholic Schools Week Fun!

Catholic Schools Week was tons of fun! The themed dress down days were creative, the music videos were filled with so much talent, and our outdoor games were a blast! A big thank you to all of the teachers for their energy and enthusiasm - and an especially big thank you to Mrs. S, who organized and orchestrated this memorable week!

Shout Out!

A huge thank you to Peter Glowac and his team for creating and maintaining our XC ski trails! We all appreciate your generosity of time, skill and endless energy!

PTO Info

The more, the merrier on BJAMS' PTO! Check out the PTO webpage or reach out to Michelle Tomlinson to learn more.

[Click Here] to view the latest PTO meeting minutes.

[Click Here] to view the 2021-22 PTO Calendar.

Nurse Notes

Winter Hydration

Water makes up roughly 60% of our body weight, and proper hydration is essential for maintaining all basic functions from our brains to our bottoms. Winter is not always top of mind when considering environments that can dry out our bodies. In colder weather it can be more difficult to determine how much you sweat when active. Perspiration combined with extra clothing layers and drier air can cause our bodies to become dehydrated without us even noticing. Each time we breathe, urinate, or have a bowel movement, and for women – menses flow, we lose water. Certain medications such as diuretics can increase this water loss. Sometimes signs of dehydration are not the obvious ones we may think of – dry lips/mouth, feeling “thirsty”, darker than normal urine with or without odor. Some of the vaguer symptoms can include:

· Continuous yawning

· Mysteriously achy body parts

· Dry skin

· Mild confusion

· Hunger persisting after having eaten a substantial meal

Frequent episodes of dehydration or depletion can lead to some serious health concerns in a relatively short period of time, including but not limited to:

· Kidney stones

· Urinary tract infections

· Constipation

· Headache

· Nausea

· Mood swings/brain fog

Activity levels should be considered when questioning “how much is enough”, the more activity, the more fluids are needed. Drinking water every day helps maintain saliva production and keep the growth and repair of our body’s cells on track for it’s individual needs. Certain foods can help us maintain our hydration status also, things like soups, salads, fruits and vegetables can all play a role in maintaining our hydration status. Some helpful examples include:

· Blueberries, oranges, peaches, apricots, pineapples, plums, apples, raspberries and melons

· Cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, lettuces, spinach, and zucchini

Eating foods rich in potassium can help too, as that nutrient helps transport water through the body and makes it easier for water to cross cell walls. Foods rich in potassium include:

· Peas, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, bananas, cantaloupe, avocado, lima beans, acorn squash, and mushrooms.

Staying hydrated in winter can be as easy as keeping water handy everywhere you go.

ASP Corner

Please remember to register your student(s) for the month of March.

Community News

Hyde Park Baseball and Softball

The spring 2022 season is right around the corner!

[Click here] for more information and registration.

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