Snow Leopards

By:Lesly Guzman

Physical Features

Nose-Wide,Short Nasal Cavity Heats The Chilled Outside Air Before It Reaches The Sensitive Lungs.

Fur--A Snow Leopard's Fur Pattern Helps The Cat Blend Into Its Nutural Surrounding And Sneak Up On Their Prey.It Also Keeps The Cat Warm In Their Cold Habitat.

Paws-Extra Large Paws Help Keep The Cat From The Cat From Sinking Into The Snow.

Legs-Snow Leopards Have Short Front Limbs And Long Hind Limbs That Are Used To Lunch The Cat Up To 30 Feet In A Single Leap!

Tail-A Long,Thick Tail Helps The Snow Leopard Keep Its Balance.

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What Kind Of Adaptations Has This Animal Made Due To Its Environment?

Snow Leopards Have A Deep Nasal Cavity And A Large Chest Which Helps The Animal Breath At The High Altitudes.Snow Leopards Have Great Eye Site Helping Them Spot Out More Prey.They Have Small Ears Which Can Be Flattened Down To Help Keep Their Ears From Getting Frostbite.
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How Is A Mouse Different From A Snow Leopard And Alike?

Where Can This Animal Be Found?

Snow Leopards Are Found At Altitudes Between 9,800 And 17,000 Feet In The High,Ragged Mountains Of Central Asia.
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Explain What Kind Of Biome This Animal Lives In?

The Snow Leopards Lives In A Cold Alpine Tundra Biome.The Snow Leopards Habitat Is Rocky,Cold,And Sometimes Mountains.
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Describe Where And How This Animal Sleeps?

Snow Leopards Can Be Slow To Sleep.This Can Be Annoying Since If You're Putting A NoteBook To Sleep, It's Likely That You Want To Get Going And Quickly.
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What Does This Animal Eat? Does Anything Eat This Animal?

Snow Leopards Eat Blue Sheeps And Ibex Are The Snow Leopards Favorite Meal,But They Also Eat Small Prey.Snow Leopards Are Powerful Predators That Are Only Hunted By Humas.
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(What Does It Eat? What Eats It? What Does Its Food Eat? And So On!) (Food Chain)

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How Often Are Babies Born To This Animal?

Female Snow Leopards Most Often Bear 2 or 3 Cubs In A Litter.
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How Long Is The Mother's Gestation Time? in Other Words, How Long Does She Carry The Baby Or Babies?

Until They're About 1 1/2 Years Old.
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How Many Many Babies Does This Animal Usually Have?

2 or 3 Cubs In A Litter.
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How Big Are Babies When They Are Born?

1 lb or 10 1/2
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Do The Babies Have A Special Name?

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How Long Do The Babies Stay With Their Moms?

At 18-22 Months Old.
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List 10 New Fun Facts You've Learned About Your Animal!

  • They're Up To 125 cm long.
  • They Have Their Own Shoes.
  • Snow Leopards Use Their Tails Like Scarves.
  • Snow Leopards Can't Roar.
  • They Can Jump Nine Meters.
  • Snow Leopards Are Born In Fur Lines Dens.
  • Snow Leopards Are Born Blind.
  • Snow Leopards Live Very High Up In The Mountains.
  • They Hunt Animals Three Times Their Size.
  • Their Tails Are Nearly As Long As They Are.

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Why Is Your Animal Endangered? What's Being Done About It?

Humas Have Pushed Ever Further With Their Lives Tock Into The Snow Leopard's Habitat.
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