The Three Pigs

David Wiesner

Literary Elements

Literary elements are reflected in the illustrations by showing the fear the pigs had on their faces and using diagonal lines to show action/movement since there was a lot of that going on.
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Physical Features

The size of this book contributes to the meaningful experience of this book because they are able to add more things that look realistic and 3D since it is large. If it was smaller the illustrator might have had a harder time making it look this way.
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Visual Elements

1. Lots of green to represent nature since they are outside.

2. Font is clear and easy to see

3. There is not much distance. Its almost like the characters are right in front of your face.

Artistic style/ media

1. Impressionistic- There are natural appearances of objects

2. Cartoon art (when they are in Hey Diddle Diddle)- Pictures are very simple and straightforward.

3. Water color, colored inks, pencil, and colored pencils were used for the illustrations.

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Elements of Illustration/ Interplay of Text & Illusttrations

  • With every page turn, the 3 pigs are doing something with the page from before (using it as a paper airplane) as if they are getting rid of it. Every page turn leads them to something different like a new story.
  • The text and illustrations work together by keeping the reader interested and feeling like the pigs can actually see them.