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Author Skype Visit!

by Riley

On March 29, the 3rd and 4th grade classes got to skype with an author. The author’s name is Tom Angleberger. He is the author of the Origami Yoda series and the Inspector Flytrap series.

First, they guessed what the origamis’ names. He held an origami up and everyone shouted out the name. He held up about 8 origamis.

After that, he asked them their favorite books. A few books they said were Pig the Pug, I Survived Pompeii, and Fish In a Tree. Then, Tom Angleberger turned the books into one book. Jackie suggested the title to be, “Everyone’s Favorite Book.”

Next, they asked some questions such as how he got the copyrights to use Star Wars characters. He was happy to answer the questions they asked. Finally, he started teaching them how to make an Origami Yoda. Sadly, they didn’t finish because it was almost recess. However, some of them might try to finish.

Overall, it was an amazing time and everyone enjoyed it. Ava said, “I think it was great!”

Chorus Solo Tryouts

by John A.

A few weeks ago chorus had solo tryouts for the song, “Homeward Bound”. Some people who tried out were Kylie, Sarah, Sherry, Joey, Heather, and Michael. The tryouts were on a Wednesday during recess. Almost every kid there was nervous.

On the day of the tryout the kids had to be sitting in a line quietly so Mr. Dondero could hear the person that was singing. Mrs. Randall was watching the kids in the hallway. One by one, kids sang very well and confidently. All the kids were brave for trying out. There were almost up to 14 kids trying out for the solo.

The results were such a surprise and here is why. So the highest score was 36 points from Kylie so she has the solo. Three kids, Sarah, Sherry, and I, got into a tie with 31 points. Mr. Dondero gave us ¼ of a solo so we were all happy.

So I want to tell everyone that tried out that they did a great job. Also, you guys were awesome and brave. Great job to Kylie, Sarah, Sherry, and me for getting a solo. We all did well for the solo.

Student Council Sweetheart Dance

by Madison

This year student council had their 2nd annual Spring Dance and it had a different theme this year. Last year, the theme was Spring and this year we had the dance on February 10, 2017, so the theme was Valentine’s Day. The dance was held in the gym at Bass River Elementary School.

This year we had kids from of all different ages come participate in the dance. If you came then you would have to be accompanied by a guardian older than the age of 18. Some people came with their Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa or any other family member that was over the age of 18. I went with my poppop this year, but last year I went with my dad.

The student council had the dance because some other school districts have mother/son and father/daughter dances, but the student council knows that not every child in the school has a parent that is with them all the time. So we opened it up and let the children bring any adult or guardian that was over the age of 18.

I think everyone had a wonderful time! Thanks to the Bass River Student Council for running this event!

Lego Haikus

Students created Lego scenes with a partner, learned about haiku poetry, and created a poem based on their Lego scene. Here are some examples of what the students created!

We rescued the pets

We brought them to a pet shop

They are now happy


These wicked witches

Burn their broom off the broomsticks

You wicked weirdos


It is cold outside

So we built a nice fire

And there are spiders

Owen D.

The happiest girl

Looked into an old mirror

And saw herself there


The battle began

The evil witch did attack

The three boys did win


Once there was a girl

She looked in the old mirror

And saw herself there


His name is Marco

He is a very tall man

Guess how tall he is


The witches have come

We noticed them and we fought

I hope we will win


There are three big cats

There are five strange people here

There are three spiders


The road is so hot

A house is near an ocean

A snow cone melts


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