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* L3 data results showing great success across both Year 1 and K.

* Rugby Union - FNC Champions !

* Girls Soccer won after extra time vs Potty - 2 -1. Thank You David!

* AFL our first AFL team ! Thank You Emma!

Congratulations to our first boys AFL team who competed at a Gala Day held in Byron. For most of the boys this was their first time playing AFL and they picked up the skills quickly. The first goal of the day was kicked by Tom and other goal scorers were Dylan (4) Massimo (3) and Blake (1). Simon also had some very close shots at goal. Excellent defence from Zane and Blake not letting anything through the oppositions goals. Some fantastic marks were taken by Isaac, Kynan, Massimo and Cooper. Jesse worked hard in the centre of the field all day and took on a strong leadership role. After a narrow loss by one point in the first game the boys grew in confidence and worked hard together as a team to win the next three games. They also won the final against St. Francis Xavier College from Ballina 25-20. It was a great game to watch and excellent team spirit. Well done Boys!!! Emma Star-Webb

* School Development Day catch up afternoon - THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WORK!

* National Simultaneous Story Time - Mad Hatters ! THANK YOU ALL AND CONGRATULATIONS CHARMAINE !

* Australia's Biggest Morning Tea - Cancer fundraising - Thank you all for your support and thank you Mel and Mandy for coordinating ! ... "I would like to thank Mandy for being a coordinator with me for the Australia's biggest Morning Tea yesterday with the balloons etc. Thanks to all staff for your donations as we raised $174.00 for the Cancer Council great effort!! And thanks to the staff who had provided some food for a success morning tea.

Thanks . Melissa Duncan

* Canteen. Thank you to staff who jumped in to help out in the canteen this week when we were needing assistance !


It’s not surprising that one of the most consistent findings in educational research demonstrates that the more times students spend engaged, the more they learn (Gettinger & Ball, 2007).

It also won’t surprise that the more engaged students are, the less stressful it is. Instead of trying to ‘manage’ students to comply, engaged students are on-task and ‘in the zone’. As they are interested and actively involved in the learning experience they don’t require ‘management’. This lowers the demands on the teacher and reduces our stress level.

Reflecting on the level of student engagement that exists in your classrooms is worthwhile. Schlechty (2002) defines five levels of student engagement:

Authentic Engagement—students are immersed in work that has clear meaning and immediate value to them

Ritual Compliance—the work has little or no immediate meaning to students but there are extrinsic outcomes of value that keep them engaged (earning the results necessary for University acceptance or to please the teacher)

Passive Compliance—students see little or no meaning in the assigned work but expend effort merely to avoid negative consequences (not having to stay in during lunch to complete work)

Retreatism—students are disengaged from assigned work and make no attempt to comply, but are not disruptive to the learning of others

Rebellion—students refuse to do the assigned task, are disruptive and attempt to substitute alternative activities

Schlechty (2002) also outlined three categories that can be used to measure the level of engagement for an entire classroom.

The Engaged Classroom

All students are authentically engaged at least some of the time or most students are authentically engaged most of the time. Passive compliance and retreatism are rarely observed and rebellion is non-existent.

The Compliant Classroom

This classroom is the picture of traditional education. The classroom is orderly and most students will appear to be working so it would be easy to infer that learning is taking place. However, while there is little evidence of rebellion, retreatism is a very real danger as it is very common in the compliant classroom.

The Off-Task Classroom

Retreatism and rebellion are easily observed in the off-task classroom. This type of classroom is each-student-for-them-self so you will see some degree of authentic and ritual engagement, along with passive compliance. Teachers spend most of their time dealing with rebelling students rather than teaching lessons that engage.

The three key aspects are:- Management, Learning Experiences and Relationships. Plan learning experiences that engage students at an appropriate level, with content that interests them. Work on building warm yet demanding relationships where students know you care about them and also understand that you have clear expectations that are consistently applied. Taking this proactive approach reduces the pressure on you to ‘manage’ student behavior.

Steve Francis - Happy Schools

Transition Change of Deputy Principal Role - Kingscliff Public School

Memo to Staff

I have been in communication with Belinda and relevant Assistant Principal's regarding a further transition of the Deputy Principal role for Kingscliff Public School. This is to enable and support a wider experience for the DP role across the whole school. To enable this the following changes will begin as of week 5 term 2 :-

* Year 2 staff will be supervised along with Year 1 by Assistant Principal - Leanne Conroy.

* Kay Neeson & Tracy Gilmore​ will remain supervised by the Deputy Principal - Belinda Mirana.

* The Deputy Principal role will move to a support role across both Stage 2 and Stage 3 groups of staff. This does not change the supervision responsibilities already in place or roles required of the Stage Assistant Principals. In the initial phases of this transition, the DP role is one of support and coaching with the Stage Assistant Principal.

I thank you in anticipation of a smooth transition to these changes and the long term support and benefit it will enable across the wider school.

Thank you all for your continuing work and professionalism.

Proposed School Development Day Term 4 – Wednesday 26th October

Following the joint CLC School Development Day at the end of last year and the expression of interest to work together further across schools, we have been in further consultation through the Coastal Learning Community in terms of providing a joint Professional Learning Opportunity for Stage 3 linking to High School Staff on the topic of SMART TOOLS AND DATA. The High School has again indicated their willingness to engage with Kingscliff Public School on this topic.

After discussion there is an opportunity to alter the structure and potential date of our proposed School Development Day in term 4 from Wednesday 26th October to Monday 24th October (same week 5 term 4). Does this adversely potentially affect any staff or planning ?

If it does affect you could you reply by email to the principal by the close school Friday 10th June. This is to enable time for both sites to explore the necessary planning and / or alternatives.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Enrolment Policy Update

A copy of the updated Enrolment Policy has been distributed to staff.

Each year we are required to review and update our Enrolment Policy. Specific changes include :

* Reference to the School Intake Zone Enquiry web link - This is now used for all zoning confirmations ie it replaces any existing maps.

* Enrolment Ceiling - The available permanent accommodation of the school as at February of 2016 is 23 classrooms.

Using the current Staffing Formula, the enrolment ceiling K to Year 6 in 2016 is 570 pupils.

* Reasons for choosing non-local placements may include:-

· Students returning / previously enrolled at the school.

· Children of staff working at the school.

· Siblings already enrolled at the school.

· Capacity for out of zone enrolment outside the required ‘Enrolment Buffer’ for local / zoned students.

(The Enrolment Buffer will be determined each year based on the February enrolment figures. Places in this buffer are not offered to non-local enrolments.

The buffer for each Year or Grade group will be influenced by the available spaces (numbers) within the classes formed at the start of the year).

This information will be communicated to the wider school community and families seeking enrolment.

If there is any issue arising in regards to this policy please refer that matter to the Principal or Deputy Principal.

School Development Day Completed Wednesday - Staff Professional Learning

Thank you to staff for your professional learning (SDD) with the after school session on Wednesday as required covering the first 3 modules regarding the National Disabilities Standards. This learning assists in the preparation for the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (the national data collection) which is an annual collection that counts the number of school students with disability and the level of reasonable educational adjustment they are provided with. It is mandatory for all schools and is based on the professional judgement of teachers about their students. It reflects the ongoing work of teachers and evidences personalised learning and support for identified students. The national data collection will count students who have been identified as receiving an adjustment to address a disability under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (the DDA). The DDA can be accessed from the ComLaw website at

Once you have confirmed your completion of the required modules - please forward a copy of your completion of the modules 1-3 to the Deputy Principal - Belinda Mirana.

We thank staff for using the time that was planned and targeted to complete the modules required and acknowledge your ongoing professional learning that supports the learning of all our students.​

Amazing Fastforword - Brain Training professional learning opportunity

The Wednesday Morning Meeting next week 1st June is transferred to Friday 3rd June - normal time and venue 8.15am Library.

We have been offered an exciting and unexpected opportunity of professional learning from the Learn Fast Team (Fastforword). For next week it can only be available on the Friday morning.

"Having been a teacher, I understand how important teacher “buy in” is to make the Brain Training most successful and to gain the most leverage from all of the teaching programs you have in place.

Most teachers, who aren’t directly involved in the neuroscience program, don’t realise how important they are in helping embed and extend the changes in each student's brain. Worse, they are often resentful on the time impact on their curriculum delivery if students are taken out of their class.

So the sooner the better to gain the greatest effect with staff and subsequently, the students."

Do you have a question or query about the use of Fastforword in your classroom programs ? Email your query to Kay or Belinda and they will forward it to the presenter so he can consider how to support your question.He will also provide a range of resource links to assist the success of this valuable school resource.

Looking forward to this exciting professional learning opportunity! Hope you can take advantage of it on Friday 3rd June - 8.15am - Library.

Thank you Kay for sourcing this!


Week 6 Term 2

Mon 30.05.16

NAIDOC committee – 8.30 - Library

Tue 31.05.16

UNSW Science

ACRO Training Murwillumbah

Kids With Courage – Hub Club Program

Softball Gala Day


Hearing Health Lessons – ES1

School Director visit - 8.30am - 10.30am

Thur 02.06.16

Kingy Playgroup – 9am – 11am – Hall

L3 Training Yr 1

Fri 03.06.16

No Exec. Meeting

Evac / Lockdown due

Professional Learning Meeting AM- Fastforword - Learn Fast presentation.

Secure Print

I have been talking with the office today and the printing is going a little crazy, with lots of photo copying coming out without it being picked up.​ If you could remember to use Secure print if you are not going to immediately pick up your photocopying, that would be handy.

I have attached the "How to" sheet again.

Please also remember that photocopying in colour costs the school a great deal more money than black and white, so if you can print in black and white, that is the best option. If something has to be colour that is's just a thought.

Thank you for your help in this.

Kind Regards

Belinda Mirana

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