Mohamed Ali // Career Report Assignment // Period 5th

Description // What do Psychiatrist do?

A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis treatment and prevention of mental health or emotional problems. They help individuals and groups get to the roots of their problems and support them to handle it.


- Attend Undergraduate School then get into Med school

- Earn a Medical degree

- Gain residency training and become licensed for 4 years

Key Skills That You Need to Have

- Verbal and written communication

- leadership skills

- organizational skills

- problem solving

- empathy; be able to understand and listen to someone

- lots of patience


- The base median salary in Burnsville is $213,003.

- The base median salary in Saint Paul is $198,817.

- I researched and there our more psychiatrists needed outside of the metro.

It would seem right if more psychiatrists were needed in the metro wether outside of it.

I Wanna Be a Psychiatrist

Disadvantages of this career

- Most illnesses are hard to cure, and that makes the client stressful and could overwhelm you.

- They have to assist people and sometimes its hard to identify there problem, theres not some standardized testing method.

- Insurances put limits on a patients time to use a psychiatrist because a psychiatrist spends most of their time talking to their patients, which means they wont get the proper help they get.

Why I want to become a psychiatrist

I want to become a psychiatrist because i enjoy listening to peoples problems and how to help them cope with them.