Education in Africa

By: Cassidy Lavender and Kelly Lairmore

Backround of the Education in Africa

Out of the whole population in Africa, at least half of them have not taken a step into a school. Most families in Africa are barely surviving, they can barely support their families; so when you have to pay for your kids to go to school not many people can afford it. Having so many countries invest in Africa makes it more needy for kids to grow up having a good education.

Analysis of the Cause of the Conflict

With families trying to support their families for survival sometimes the parents have to leave and go work in another town or maybe even city. This leaves the oldest child in charge having to take care of the young ones in the family. Also, they dont have technology like we do so usually when the sun goes down that is when you have to stop doing your homework. Africa really just needs to get there school systems up, and need more help with the educational system.

Plans to help minimize this problem