Monster Heart Medic

Teaching children how to look after their heart

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Developer – The Lawrence Hall of Science

Age – 8 to 14 year olds

Subject – Biology

Score – 86/100

Price – Free

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App Review

Monster Heart Medic is an entertaining adventure game that teaches children all about the cardiovascular system. Users take on the role of a doctor who must diagnose and then treat a rather unusual patient - a friendly monster named Ragnar. Through a series of animations, they will learn about common cardiovascular conditions and dynamic simulations will show them the effects of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Great Health Advice

Students can then earn health achievements for guiding Ragnar to a healthier lifestyle.

Monster Heart Medic has been developed by UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science and funded by a National Institutes of Health SEPA Award. It is packed full of fantastic health information that is presented in a fun and engaging way. All of the health recommendations that players encounter in the game come from established sources. These include not only the National Institutes of Health but also the American Heart Association, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The app is highly interactive with users being asked to complete a series of challenges. For example, they have to complete a medical examination by taking Ragnar’s blood pressure, temperature etc. When they identify the difficulty it is then time to take steps to address the underlying causes. This can include challenges based on healthy eating and exercise. As children progress through these and Ragnar is restored to full health, the idea is that they will be encouraged to make healthier lifestyle choices for themselves.


The app contains a lot of text with characters sharing health information and directions for progressing through the game. Unfortunately, no narration is available and this would be a great addition for a future update.

Monster Heart Medic is a great app for helping children learn about the cardiovascular system and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It does not contain any adverts or in-app purchases and is completely free to download.


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