Aurora Borealis Travel Brochure

Also known as the goddess, "Aurora" In roman myths!

Basic Facts You Need to Know

- The best place to see the Aurora Borealis geographically is near the north pole. In moderation, the best places in North America is the northwestern parts of Canada (example: Yukon Territory) or southern tips of Greenland and Iceland. In Europe, northern parts of Norway and Finland.

-The best time to see the Northern Lights is between late autumn and winter. If the sky is clear of clouds, your chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis is greater.

- The difference between the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Austrails is that, the Aurora Borealis is north and the Aurora Austrails is south. Otherwise, there is no difference, they are both created the same way and look the same.

-Predicting when the Aurora Borealis happens is tricky. As long as the geomagnetic activity is low, your chances of seeing them increase. But you must be patient and wait.


Clothing and Viewing Options


Make sure you have warm clothing on because the temperature drops below freezing and it's bitter cold. It can reach as cold as -40*C in the North pole each day or night.

Parkas, snow suits, sunglasses, mittens and hats would be ideal.

Viewing Options:

1.) You can travel to a Sami Tent, in the traditional way the Sami people traveled, in a reindeer sled.

2.) In Norway, you can attend a midnight concert in the Arctic Cathedral, with traditional Scandinavian songs.

3.) If you prefer the more glamours lifestyle, you can rent a cabin with a hot tub in the back, so you relax and watch the northern lights in style.