The Media Rules the world!

By:Brandon Balams


My connection with the media is very strong but it is taking a toll on my life.I get really distracted and and find it very hard to do simple task.But its does sometimes help me in times of need.I'm not the only one who has the same connection with the media.

What kind of problems we are having

The media and its effects on teens

In 2006 teens and tweens across america were surveyed on how long they spend using a form of media,and on average teens spend four and one-half hours on screen media each day.studies also show that many teens bedrooms are being filled with some type of media.According to the study,68 percent of 11-14 year olds have a tv in their rooms,52 percent have a video game console, 31 percent have a computer,and 39 percent have a phone.Another survey was taken to see what media items like the internet and smartphones have on teens grammar.last summer 2,000 applications were sent to a company named Babineaux.In most of the application there were mulitple misspellings,missing punctuation,space mistakes,and abbreviations. They say it's because today's youth is so hooked on social media that it’s made them lazy.This is showing what one of the bad effects that media can have on today's youth. Teens spend less time reading than they used to,51 percent spend their time doing it and 41 percent don’t. Even though we are even though we are in a society consumed by some type of media It's not always that bad.

But i believe we can tackle this problem all together if we just did things a different way.One wy is to spend less time on socail media websites.Instead of spending hours on it maybe only spend a couple of minutes.This way you have time to do other things.Another thing you can do is not be so lazy. Instead of using your phone or computer to type,maybe you can physically write something. This way you can get used to writing and have better chance of upholding you job in the future. And the last thing you can do is just lower media consumption.Maybe some days instead of just staying in ide you go outside or hang out with friends.

If we just went by these simple procedures maybe the next generation of people will change the world.


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