Fashion Designer

Its not just my fanstay dream its also my reality

Lets talk FASHION!

A fashion designer works on clothing and fashion ranges. Some focus on one specailist are like: sports wear, footwear, accessories, etc. Fashion designing can be hands on or on cumpters. They also are always creative on there work. Some fashion designers make costumes and stuff like dresses, sweaters, and blousses. They also care about how it looks and how is it expressed it high work. Like some designers would think crazy on looks but its how they feel and express themself on the clothing they make!

Schooling to training...

It takes about two full years and four year degree for classes in designing business. When you start taking your classes it usually starts in the fall. Even though a college degree isn't required to become a fashion designer, its better off having in handy. You have to know how to sew. In fashion school you learn how to present your ideas. One class may show you patterns and many other types of fabrics. When you take classes about drawing and sketching that's important cause you have to know that before you start working with it.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was a french designer. She was raised in a orphanage and learn how to sew and that's how it all started. Coco's signature look was to wear a bob cut and black dresses.When she was 18 she left the orphanage and then went to work in a local tailor. After that she was left alone her mother died and her father was shipped to America. At age she was 23 she moved to this place called "Chateau" and worked as a mistress, when she was over there she made hats. Later on she was making more clothing and designs. She made a timeless line and it is still popular today. I wanted to talk about her because she inspires me and your life story inspires me as well.


Collaboration is important for this job because you have to talk to each other and put your ideas together and make something together. Communication helps everyone know what to do and how we talk and respond to one and other. An other ting that I think that is important is critical thinking, critical thinking is important because you have to know what to make and have ideas for a new sketch or a new line of clothing. One more Is "Creativity" in this part you have to know something amazing and crazy because you want toget people to love your ideas and the more you think out of the box the more you sell.

That's show is about to begin...

Fashion designers create their own line and then they make a fashion shows. The fashions you see have different themes and brands some are like: seasons, sporty, Nike, Holister, and etc. When they show their clothing the put it on their models and then the models go out in the runway and show the audience.