1:1 Adventure

Personal Learning Pathways

Skills Self-Assessment

In December, every 9th grade teacher will take a technology skills assessment. This assessment has been proven to provide accurate and meaningful data that will be used to develop professional development plans aimed at supporting individual teacher needs.

Beyond the 'base camp" level of learning will be PD aimed at the following NETS-T strands:

  • facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
  • design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments
  • model digital-age work and learning
  • promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility
  • engage in professional growth and leadership.


In January 2014, each 9th grade teacher will receive a 1:1 Personal Learning Pathway. Each pathway will be constructed from the skills assessment data and the teacher's previous technology training experiences. Pathways will be focused on meeting each teacher at their current level of technology proficiency and then helping each person move forward and develop a level of skills needed to support using 1:1 in the classroom.

What will 1:1 PD look like?

Face to Face

Training will be offered in small or large group formats; on campus or at district sites; and during different time frames (conference periods, lunch and learn and after school).

Blended Learning

Training will be offered in a "blended" format with part of the training offered through traditional face to face experiences with additional online components.

Online Learning

As with other eCourses, some PD for 1:1 will be offered in fully online versions that will allow you to access learning opportunities anywhere-anytime.

Focus on the GOALS not the devices...they are just another tool!

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