Baldcypress Swamp

Logan, Carlie, and Gail

Native Plants and Animals

Baldcypress, spanish moss, water tupelo, pond cypress, and blackgum trees.

yellow-throated warblers, bald eagle, wild turkey, squirrels, and wood ducks.

Non-native Plants and Animals

Fungus, leafroller, nutria and large rodents.

Human Impact on the Ecosystem

Pollution, hunting and destroying the swamps.

Ecosystem Services

Provides saw timber, landscape mulch, a habitat to animal species, birds nest, amphibians breed, provide flood control, and waste water treatment.

Present Protection or Conservation Laws

Illegal to cut down live oak trees.
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How the ecosystem impacts the culture of the region.

The hot, humid weather relates with the swampy atmosphere that the baldcypress swamp has. It is also like a symbol for Florida, cypress trees- deep south.
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