Kathy Rendek, Weight Training I, Fall 2012

Keeping The Momentum Going.....

10 Tactics To Keep You Motivated...

They say that hardest part to exercising can be making the first move to start. Once you have established an exercise regime, it's important to spice up your routine to keep you interested especially with the Holidays coming up.

An article in Runner's World has 10 tactics to help keep up the momentum and help survive the Holidays. The suggestions range from setting goals (write them down), to calling on friends and family to exercise together, and trying out new classes in the gym, and even factoring in relaxation. It also suggests baking healthier snacks and even giving in to the odd indulgence so that you don’t deprive yourself and over indulge later.

Exercise and Your Mind

Mayo Clinic researchers based in Rochester, Minnesota and Jacksonville, Florida have concluded that any physical activity helps in the therapy against dementia. When the heart rate rises increase levels of oxygen are sent through in the blood stream. The risk of dementia can be reduced or even it's progress slowed.

This is certainly a motivating factor to keep in mind about your exercise routine!

"Motivation is what gets you started. habit is what keeps you going". - Jim Ryan

More Reasons To Keep It Going....

Even when it seems there might be something better to do other than exercising it's important to remember the many reasons why we should get out there and move! Exercise controls our weight and allows us to have that extra treat every now and then. It can help combat health conditions and diseases. Improve our moods and boost our energy levels. These reasons along with the promotion of better sleep, improvement of physical intimacy, and providing us a fun pastime are all listed on the Mayo Clinic website as valid reasons to exercising and keeping the momentum going.

So the bottom line is, find an exercise you like to do, keep it going, and reap the many benefits!

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