Latin America

by: Carli Pipkin

Physical Features and Location

Latin America is located South of North America in the Atlantic/Pacific oceans.

some physical features of Latin America are...

  • Andes Mountains (west coast)
  • Amazon Rainforest (Brazil)
  • Pampas (large area of grasslands)
  • Patagonia (at the tip of Latin america, has a very cold climate)
  • Amazon River Basin (Brazil)
  • Guiana Highlands (northern coast)
  • Tropical climates (found in the Amazon River basin, northeastern coast and Pacific coast of Colombia)
  • Cold climates (occur in the highest elevations of the Andes in Chile and Argentina)
  • Atlantic Ocean (west coast)
  • Pacific ocean (east coast)

Where People Live in Latin America and Why

The Andes Mountains are the longest mountain range on the continent of South America. They are located along the west coast. This mountain range results in very rocky terrain, causing farming and a large population very hard to accomplish there. The east coast is more populated because of its access to water, and flat land (excellent for farming). Rio de Jainero, Brazil is one of the major populators due to the fact that there is an abundance of water and crops. The same reason people live in Rio is the same reason they live in Caracas, Venezuela.

Economic Activities

Many different economic activities go on in Latin America such as...

  • Agriculture - agriculture goes on in tropical climates like the northeastern coast, Amazon river basin, and Pacific coast of Columbia.
  • Forestry - forestry is a major activity in tropical South America, mostly the Amazon river basin. A lot of valuable tree species, such as mahogany, and rosewood, can thrive there. Chile is an important exporter of lumber, plywood, and wood chips.
  • Mining - mining is one of South America's most popular and important economic opportunities. The mining industry is mainly found in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. These countries export goods like, tin, copper, lead, and zinc.


Deforestation is a major problem in Latin America. Because of deforestation the amazon rainforest lost More than 20 percent. When deforestation happens we are cutting down the earth's natural air cleanser, which could mean big problems for Latin america.
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