ASPCA May Issue 2016

Save the Date! Picnic to Adopt

Our 2nd Annual Adoption in the Park Event

Our Mission- Promote adoption and give our furry friends another chance at life.

Our 2016 Goal - To get twice as many four legged friends adopted.

Our Objective- We will overcome sheltering, feeding and cleaning these pets by donations from generous people like you. We depend on our sponsors to provide veterinary care.

Picnic Day for the community

Join us as we meet and greet pets for adoption. Find out how easy it is to volunteer or donate to ASPCA and what that means for the community and the animals.
We are animal lovers and practice humane treatment of all furry and not so furry lives.

PICNIC in the Park to Save the Bark !

Did you know 40% off the world's homeless dogs are receiving the death penalty each year? Their crime, not being loved enough to be kept home. The statistics are sad but with each happy story, one less is killed. We want to spread the love and end the "putting down". Come be a part and do your part during this life changing experience. You just might meet the love of your furry life!