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Learning Literacy through Comics and Graphic Novels

As stated in the newsletter to families this week...

Using comics and graphic novels helps provide an engaging approach to learning literacy skills. Comics and graphic novels can be a great way to demonstrate the elements of fiction such as characters, setting, plot, and point of view, Students can compare and analyze the elements of different comic book stories, and in the same ways that students use pictures as support for comprehension with picture books, graphic novels offer reluctant readers an opportunity to make connections between images and words. Providing a variety of types of text for students to explore including graphic novels, encourages students to develop an appreciation for different styles of authors and illustrators.

Motivating the reluctant reader can be challenging, but finding a genre or series that they enjoy could be the catalyst for turning them around. Students can often feel more success when reading graphic novels and the elements of stories to teach from are still present. Consider offering graphic novels as an option in your literature circles, classroom library and for take-home reading.

Beyond Captain Underpants, Big Nate, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, try some of these...

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Dr. Koffi & Mrs. Switzer are Recognizing & Reinforcing Teachers for Implementing Fundamental Five!!

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This week, my message to parents is about using comics and graphic novels to improve literacy skills, and my book of the week is a reading of Superhero by Marc Tauss.

If you have an idea or something you would like me to include, please let me know. I am posting the newsletter to the Willow Creek Facebook page and sending a link via email through Skyward.