The Temple of Confucius

Lily S.


The Temple of Confucius is situated in Qufu, Shandong Province, China. China is in eastern Asia.


The temple of Confucius is a beautiful temple that has beautiful surroundings. Statues, and the apricot platform are on this site to honor Confucius and his teachings. The apricot platform is where Confucius taught his students. He taught is students about behavior, ethics, and social life. Shrines for Confucius have gold and vibrant colors around it.
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This temple was built for the famed philosopher Confucius. Confucius would teach his lessons under an apricot tree. One of Confucius' quotes was "let ruler be ruler, the subject a subject, a father a father, and a son a son". The temple plays a role in the Confucian religion because they have had many ceremonies to honor him and his teachings. Built in 1302 the Temple of Confucius has been vandalized, and has been rebuilt in many occasions.


This landmark is for the religion of Confucianism. Confucianism is based on the understanding of heaven and the human relationship with heaven. Also, in Confucianism being a human is highly valued, you explore the heavenly part of you, and follow codes of the environment. In the fall the Confucian people come to the temple to celebrate the birth of Confucius. Ceremonies are held there to honor him. It is said that he was born at this temple.


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