The Walking DEM

Shape Up Walking Challenge Update - May 1, 2015

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Takin' it to Toledo

Toledo is within sight! Since the start of the Shape Up Challenge Walking DEMers have traveled 3,465miles.

The Walking DEM Leaderboard

Mimi Lim - 370.3 miles

Dave Sullivan - 328.5 miles

Crystal Wright - 286 miles

Alan Tse – 277.9 miles

Jean To - 228.5 miles

It's not too late to sign up. Join us at and join The Walking DEM team.

Weekly Challenge: Stretch!!!

Nancy Porfino signed up last week and walked 32 miles. As the top new walker she has earned a water bottle and gym bag.

Next Challenge: Be one of the top five walkers from May 19 to May 26 and earn a exercise band.