Unit 1 Additional Project

Real World Linear Functions and Inequalities


I want to determine how many calories I will consume by sitting for an hour eating Zingers. I will burn about 20 calories by simply sitting in a chair for one hour. Each Zinger contains 160 calories.

The Model Function


“z” represents the number of Zingers I want to eat in one hour

“160” represents the number of calories in one Zinger

“ -20” represents the loss of 20 calories in one hour at rest

“C(z) ” represents the total amount of calories consumed and burned in one hour

Two Solutions


C(10)=1580 means that by eating 10 zingers, I will have consumed 1,580 calories.


C(35)=5580 means that by eating 35 zingers, I will have consumed 5,580 calories.

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