The Truth About Smoking

By: Natalie Johnson

The truth about smoking

Herione and cociane have the same affects to the brain as smoking. Nicotine is also as addictive as those things. Did you even know that second hand smoke could harm the world, or that e-cigarettes are even worse then regular cigarrets.
Second smoke is very dangerous. It is even a cause of sudden infant death syndrome. 3 million kids in the United States breathe in second hand smoke at home. 32 million are exposed. This causes kids to be more likely to be overweight and have behavioral problems. Kids can get bronchitis and pneumonia easier then children who sent around second hand smoke. It is common for kids around smoke to cough and wheeze. It also makes them at a risk for lung cancer and heart disease.
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E-cigarets only help bystanders. In reality it's just another way to put nicotine into your body. Technically it's even worse then normal cigarettes. You get an unhealthy dose of chemicals that are worse then tobacco. One chemical is called carcinogenic. This chemical contains lung cancer cells. That means it doesn't stop the risk of getting cancer.