Turnkey 3/2 Rental on Galveston Isl

Over $500/month Cash Flow in a Quiet Neighborhood

Already rented out with paying tenant

You walk in and just start collecting rent. No repairs and no rental issues to deal with on Day 1.

Currently rented for $1090/month. $904/month will be paid directly to you from Galveston Housing Authority. Tenant pays the balance of the rent timely. At this price, you are still making money every month even if the tenant doesn't pay. It's a golden deal.
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For Sale Now for $39,500

Wholesale Property

We have this property under contract. Escrow and Title Services are open at Stewart Title-Galveston.

We are ready to close with you as soon as possible.

$2500 Non-refundable deposit is all it takes to seal this deal. We guarantee to provide you with marketable title at close.

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