Fifth Grade News to Know

Mrs. Meeker's Class at Crissey Elementary

January 11, 2016

Welcome back to school! We finished the multiplying and dividing decimals chapter last week and are moving on with learning about numerical expressions and the order of operations this week. It is very important that the students do everything in the correct order when solving problems for this chapter. It will be a lot of focus and following directions which isn't always a strength of fifth grade students. This chapter is only a week and a half long, so I have the test planned for next Friday, January 21st.

Students that would like to retake the test for multiplying and dividing decimals will be able to do this on Friday, January 14th. I am happy to work with students after recess to practice their skills daily. They must show me practice work that is completed correctly in order to retake the test. If you would like another study guide I can make more copies to send home. Honestly, there was a lot of multiplication/division/addition/subtraction mistakes on this test. When the students were working on correcting their test I was walking around helping and some students were able to tell me the correct procedure and what their mistake was, but when I graded the test corrections they made computational errors. I will make an effort to have all students practice their multiplication facts daily, but that is something that also needs extra work at home if your student doesn't have them memorized well enough to recall them within 2-3 seconds. All students have an xtra math account that they know how to log into. There also many websites that have free fact practice.

If your student isn't happy with their math grade there will be a couple more times that extra credit will be offered during the second half of the trimester.

A flier will be sent home this week asking for volunteers to help with the Crissey Fifth Grade Recognition. There will be a meeting on Thursday, February 4 at 6 p.m. in the Crissey Cafeteria for parents that would like to help plan this family event. We will need help with invitations, food, decorations, set up, and clean up. I will be there to help coordinate and give direction on what needs to be done.

I hope you have a great week and please contact me with any questions you have!

Upcoming Events:

January 18th No School--Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 22nd Interims will be sent home

January 28th Bob Evans Dine About

January 29th Crissey Spirit Day

February 4th Fifth Grade Recognition Mtg. 6 p.m.