Your Secure Digital World

By Lambros Pasaliadis


In this flyer, you are going to find useful information and tips about how to be a safe surfer. It is very important for us the children, to use the internet. But we have to be sure, that we use network , in a way that it is not a threat to us. In this pamphlet, you are going to actually learn how to have your secure digital world and how to use the net safely and responsibly.

How to use network safely and responsibly

To use network safely and responsibly, you have to avoid some things :

  • Don’t post personal information online, such as your address , your phone number

  • Don’t contact people you don’t know

  • Don’t videocall with strangers

  • Don’t use your full name. Try to use a nickname till you turn 18

  • Try not to post very challenging photos online
Responsible Social Media Use in the Workplace

Pin Numbers, Biometric Scanners, Encryption and Forensic Computing

  • A Pin Number is a personal identification number, which is used by all computer users to gain access to their system. It also prevents other users to gain access to a system that they don’t own.
  • Biometric scanners is a security system , that allows access to rooms, personal computers by scanning the fingerprints , or the voice of the user. For example, imagine James Bond is trying to save the Earth from a huge bomb which is hidden in a very secure room in a secret location. If James Bond finds that secret location and gets there , he will need to pass the biometric scanners somehow, in order to gain access to the room. The biometric scanners , allow only specific people to access the room, by scanning either their hand print or their voice. Jams Bond will must fin a way to hack the scanners and gain access to the room.
  • Encryption means to mix up data in such a way that only someone with the secret code or key can read it. The primary purpose of encryption is to protect the confidentiality of digital data stored on computer systems or transmitted via the Internet or other computer networks. Encryption plays a vital role in the security assurance of IT systems and communications as they can provide not only confidentiality but also authentication ,non - repudiation and integrity.
  • Computer Forensics is a digital forensics science pertaining to evidence found in computers and digital storage media. The goal is to gain information that will lead the forensics team to identify the ‘’cracker''. But also, to regain the lost information and step by step and learn all about "the digital crime".
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Rights and responsibilities online

  • Knowledge
  • Protection
  • Participation
  • Justice
  • Education
  • Health