Jacobs Rescue

A Holocaust story

Main Charecters

some of the main charecters include jacob of course alex and mela. Jacob was the main charecter he started in warsaw then was taken away and put into a closed ghetto. In the ghetto jacob was with his aunt and grandma. then alex and mela came and rescued jacob. they were the roslans and they were polish.


the plot of the story was about a boy named jacob who was just a normal jewish boy out and about. Then everything changed he was sent to the ghetto with his aunt and grandmother. there he was starved and it was horrible. But then alex and mela roslan a polish family rescued jacob until the end of WWII. Where the jews of Warsaw would be free.


Well the roslans not only took in jacob and others but they did many other things. For example the roslans when they took in sholom they did everything they could have done to save him from scarlett fever but it wasnt enough but atleast they tried. other things was they took them as there own kids and treated them just like there kids. Other things as in them actually caring not just taking them in they hid them in the best spots they could think of not just behind the couch in the sink under the toliet just for example. But most of all they loved him and everyone they took in

Quote/Citation Panel

this is my quote "you like that word proper, no thanks we dont need proper help". i choose this quote to show how much the roslans loved the kids and how much they werent ready to give them up. it also shows how hard the roslans tried. to think at the end of the war the kids they kept for years cannot stay with them as they get out of the war thats awful.and thats the quote i chose.


I thought for a short book like this it was great. Great storyline and great charecters the story of a holocaust survivor these are the storys i like cause they are thrillng and anything could happen. it was also pretty sad with the deaths of Sholom and Yurek with Yurek being shot by a sniper and Sholom dieing by scarlett fever. other than that it was very suspenful and a great book overall.