How To Make The Most of VHS To DVD Service

As the practice of recording videos on VHS tapes is becoming obsolete with each passing day, the growing necessity of having those age-old yet precious memory storing VHS tapes to be converted into a more digitized form of DVD is becoming quite apparent. This process of conversion of VHS to DVD can be undertaken through either on your own or by employing any VHS to DVD service.

If you have decided not to invest your time and energy in carrying out the conversion process yourself then the next-best option is to employ the services of a good and reliable VHS to DVD service company. Although all these companies will definitely provide you with the basic conversion procedure and service, this is not all that these companies do. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to consider your options in regard to the extra and customized assistance that these services provide to determine which type of services are most suited to your needs.

For Damaged Tapes:
It is quite common to have your VHS tapes to be either broken or damaged from repetitive use or from a long period of being stored without being aired. To restore your damaged VHS tapes and to digitize them as well for convenience purposes, you can make use of many VHS to DVD service companies that deal with restoration of old and broken VHS.

Designing Your DVD: Many VHS to DVD service include customizing your DVD files into chapters and including menu formats into the DVD, to make it more user-friendly and easy to access.

Using Uncompressed Video Files:
In normal conversion process, the information on the VHS files are removed and the video is compressed into a file format which makes it easier to be burned into a DVD. However, repeated editing of videos leads to a degraded quality of the video which can be avoided by using uncompressed video files. This procedure requires a lot of space in hard drive but will allow you to have a better quality of videos in your DVD.

Combining VHS files into DVD: It is common knowledge that most VHS to DVD service will include burning two VHS files into a compact form of DVD, but there are some companies that even produce DVD files combining more than two VHS tapes into one.

Surrounded with so many options, it can be expected that with a little research, you can be sure to come across the service provider with the expertise that you are in need of.