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"Ecuador Ama La Vida"

Economy and Current Events in Ecuador

Ecuador’s economy has been stable for the past decade, after a economic crisis in 2000. Ecuador is also the largest banana exporter in the whole world.. The country also changed their currency sucre,currency since 1884, to the U.S dollar. Service industries make up make up the largest part of Ecuador’s gross domestic product. Gross Domestic Product is the market value of all recognized final goods. Just like us here in America, Ecuador is a democratic republic. Surprisingly, The economic growth during 2002-06 had an average of 5.2%, the highest five year average in a quarter century. These are my facts about Ecuador’s economy.

The actual founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, is held in an asylum in Ecuador. Also, the television and radio programs are always government-run. Another current event is that President Correa started his third term as President on May 24, 2013. The literacy rates in Ecuador are also very good being at Male- 94% and Female- 92%. In the middle of 2013, a volcano erupted in Ecuador and forced hundreds out of their homes. These are current events that have been happening in Ecuador.

Ecuador's Culture and Government

Spanish is Ecuador's official language. The coast usually speaks Spanish faster than the highlands. Consonants are sometimes pronounced differently in the coast and highlands.Although Ecuadorians are guaranteed religious freedom, 95% of Ecuadorians belong to the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is a huge part of Ecuadorian religion and inspires many Ecuadorians to continue on as a part of the Catholic Church.

Ecuador is a Democratic republic. They have a president and a vice president that are elected by popularity vote to serve a four-year-term. The president is the head of the state, and the head of the government. The Constitution states rights and freedom for all Ecuadorians. Including many of the rights out of the U.S Constitution.

The History Of Ecuador

Ecuador is a nice place to visit, especially when you learn about the history. Ecuador is not by itself, Ecuador gained independence in 1822 and became part of Great Columbia. It also declare itself a republic in 1830. Peru and Ecuador where two strong countries battling over ownership from the southern Amazon region that was later controlled by Ecuador. Ecuador had 62 presidents, dictators, and military leaders, another 7 percent of the population is black, and 6 percent is spanish descent. Spanish Ecuador’s official language, although kichwa is spoken by hiland indian groups that include Kichwa, Saraguro, Otavalan, Cañari, and Chimborazo. The slogan for Ecuador is “ Ecuador ama la vida.” this means “Ecuador loves life.”

Ecuadorians place great importance on the family. Older members of the family are treated with respect and kindness. Ecuador joined Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama in a confederacy known as Greater Colombia. Our flag is important to know because three horizontal bands of yellow (top, double width), blue, and red with the coat of arms superimposed at the center of the flag, the flag retains the three main colors of the banner of Gran Colombia, the South American republic that broke up in 1830, the yellow color represents sunshine, grain, and mineral wealth, blue the sky, sea, and rivers, and red the blood of patriots spilled in the struggle for freedom and justice.

5 Famous or Influential People from Ecuador

Rafael Correa- Rafael is the current President of Ecuador. This is his third term being President.

Oswaldo Guayasamin- Oswaldo was an artist who studied at the School of Fine Arts in Quito where he studied painting and architecture. He was also a supporter of the Cuban Revolution.

Juan Montalvo-Fiallos- He was an Ecuadorian author who had very liberal political views. His books were mainly in the Romanticism genre.

Juan Jose Flores y Aranbural- He was a military general who soon later became the first President of Ecuador.

Bernardo De Legarda- Bernardo is an Ecuadorian painter and sculptor who made the Quito School Movement happen.

10 Things You Would Need To Travel To Ecuador

Umbrella- Just in case it rains

Rain Boots & Rain Coat- So you can walk in the rain

Swim Suit- So you can enjoy the beautiful beaches

Hiking Boots- To march through the rain forests

Sunscreen- So you don't get too much sun

Hat & Sunglasses- To protect your eyes

Sandals- So you don't have to wear tennis shoes to the beach

Bug Spray- No one likes mosquitoes

Towel- You have to dry off some how after swimming

Beach Ball- So you can have some fun in the sun

Top Ten Places to Visit

10 top places to visit

10 La compania, Quito

It is the Church of the Society of Jesus, or “ La iglesia de la Compania de Jesus.”

9 Cotopaxi

This is the second highest summit in Ecuador, it reaches the height of 5,897m

8 Nariz del Diablo (The Devil’s nose)

One of the most astounding engineering projects ever undertaken in the mountainous Andes, the stretch of track offers visitors sweeping panoramic views of the countryside.

7 Banos

This small city lies at the foot of the active volcano, Tungurahua. This small city is known as the “Gateway to the Amazon.” Waterfalls cascading thousands of feet down deep river gorges attract sightseers as well.

6 Tena

It is close to the Amazon rainforest region in Ecuador, for tourists. Tena has awesome adventures to discover. Tena is one of the best places in the world for whitewater rafting and kayaking.

5 Montanita

It is Ecuador’s southern coastal region, and one of the world-famous beach resorts. the surfing community discovered the area’s exceptional surfing conditions. For people who love surfing.

4 Catedral Nueva, Cuenca

This building is the third largest in Ecuador, it is popular for its year-round temperate climate. It is also notable for the its three immense domes, each covered in blue glazed tile imported from Czechoslovakia.

3 Otavalo Market

The fun part for traveling to Ecuador is exploring the handiwork crafted by local artisans, and there’s no better place to see and purchase local arts.

2 San Francisco Church, Quito

Is located in Quito’s Old Town district, the Iglesia y Monesterio de San Francisco. It has several masterpieces, including a sculpture of a winged Holy Virgin by Legarada.

1 Galapagos islands

It is a small archipelago of volcanic islands belonging to Ecuador in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. There are animals that you could see there and won’t see anywhere else. The giant tortoise, sea lions, penguins, marine iguanas and different bird species can all be seen and approached.

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