Joey Jr. Jacks Jellies

the story of how the famous jelly bean theif got caught :(

The Crime

There has been a known thief around town famous for stealing jelly beans. No one knew it was Joey until finally he was caught in the act trying to diminish the whole stock of jelly beans at Target. His indictment was theft which is considered a felony. He was arrested on the spot. The judge set his bail at $5,000.


Joey could not afford a lawyer so he was assigned a public defender. He got a subpoena and his arraignment with the grand jury was schedule a month after he was charged. Before his court date, he was questioned and offered a plea bargain of less jail time if he was found guilty if he offered up any accomplices to his crimes. He gave up the Jelly bean distributing lord he worked for that sold all of the jelly beans stolen by people like Joey. Joey appeared in court as the defendant. The prosecutor questioned Joey and asked him if he stole the jelly beans and Joey said no, a perjury. The prosecutor called a witness to the stand for questioning. After hearing the testimony of the witness and considering that Joey was part of a nationwide jelly bean stealing/selling cartel, the case was appealed. A petit jury reviewed the case in order to decide the verdict. Joey was convicted and sent to sentencing.