by John Updike

The Plot Line:

Exposition: The parents in the beginning talking about the future for their children and how they would react to the sudden change

Rising Action: The rising action starts right after Judith, their first child, arrives home from England. They all get right at home and things seem a little off. When they sit down for dinner is when things get weirder.

Climax: The story reaches its most intense spot right when the kids find out about the separation. Everyone just kind of loses it in their own way some of them don't know how to react and others get a little crazy.

Falling Action: The falling action is mostly what all of the family end up doing. The boys head outside while the girls stay in and talk.

Resolution: At the end when Richard gets out of bed to get his other son and when he talks to him about everything, it shows a touching family moment it seems like they haven't felt in a while.

Theme: Family is there even if you can't see it

Even though Richard and Joan are separating they still like each other. They never really hated each other. No one hated each other. When the family started to un wind a bit at the dinner table it kind of got a little crazy. They were able to pull themselves together and talk through things and it all calmed out.

The Family


You were able to actually see the characters through Updike's descriptions. He described everything with a perfect amount of detail it just painted a picture in your head.

Most Compelling Aspect

I think the most compelling aspect of the story was the plot line and theme. It was a very interesting story that made me want to keep reading. The wording in it was just right and everything just fell so perfectly in it. It's a beautifully written story and I think others would enjoy.