The Land of Opportunity

Is the US and its opportunities equal to all?

Are we all equal?

When entering the United States immigrants are looking for equality, individualism, and a taste of freedom. Is that always what they get? In a recent article published by the New York Times, an undocumented immigrant explains his struggle to cope with the feeling of lack of participation in political aspects of society. Explaining that immigrants could not get a drivers license, rather they faked all documents needed to pass as a legalized citizen. Struggles don't only span through material items, immigration also effects them mentally, being bullied because of race, ethnicity, heritage, or accent were just some hardships he faced. In 2011 there was an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US facing these or similar problems.

Is homeosexual marriage benefiting American society and its people?

Thousands of gay couples fought for the right to marry, but did this benefit anyone other than themselves? Many say they deserve this right because of constitutional freedoms, but when our four fathers developed the constitution they didn't intend on this being an issue. If we deny this freedom mass outbreaks could occur, but if we allow it, it will open the door for many other drastic unconstitutional "ways of life."
  • polygamy- having more than one spouse at a time
  • incest- relationships between closely related individuals, forbidden by law
  • bestial- holding a relationship with an animal

Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage

Kids React to Gay Marriage

Kids React

These children are all various ages, but the older children tend to have a different ides on it than the smaller children based on ideas implemented from society; the smaller children think only what they know is right, based on their heterosexual families.

Workplace Inequality

Although women have advanced tremendously from the previous generations, women still aren't treated equally in todays society. The biggest problem area in women equality is the workplace. The workplace is a mixing pot for sexual harassment , bullying, teasing, and inappropriate behavior. Often times these things start off small, but end up becoming massive issues that will only end badly. It usual starts with flirting and ends up advancing to larger issues such as provocative comments and even physical harassment.This isn't the only issue with women in the workplace, the glass ceiling is a very known barrier that prevents women from moving any farther in the workforce because of their gender, this doesn't only effect women but also minorities. Another reigning problem is the " pay gap" for every dollar a man makes a women receives seventy-six cents for the same job. These barriers block women from advancing in the workplace, making it impossible to become equals.
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