Agricultural Engineer

Griffin Dombroski 9th Hour

Job Facts

  • Make about 52,000
  • Work in labs and on farms
  • Mainly work with engineers and farmers
  • Many have master degrees
  • 12% are self employed
  • Solve many problems
  • They usually help design new kinds of farming equipment
  • Some help grow plants
  • Most say they enjoy working with others
  • They help fix problems with planting, harvesting, and storing crops

Pros and Cons of Career


  • Make 52,000 dollars
  • Get to work outside
  • They get to design new things

  • Some may work in labs
  • Need a masters degree
  • You need to take a lot of classes


My pros are good because you get a good amount of money. Then you get to work outside. Which I would like to work outside instead of inside. Then finally you get to design new things. So I could be very creative at work. Then for cons. You work in labs so I would not be inside. Then you need a masters degree so you would need to go to school longer. Finally you need to take a lot of different classes.

How to succeed in this Career

I order to succeed in this Career you should take Agronomy, Calculus, Physics, Statistics and Probability in high school. So you can have all of the best skills for the career.

Helpful Colleges to attend

University of Florida

Texas A&M University

UW Madison

University of Florida


  • Warm there
  • Offers masters degree
  • Cost 25,000
  • Accepts more girls than boys

University of Flordia is a really good college because it offers many classes and many different degrees.

UW Madison


  • It is near home
  • Get in state tuition

  • Accepts more girls
  • There are a lot of people from out of state

It is a good college because I live near it so I get in state tuition. Then it is a good college because it offers many classes that you can take in order for you to get your degree.

Texas A&M University


  • It is in the south so it is warmer
  • Offers many degrees

  • Don't live near
  • Accepts more girls

It is a good college because it lets you get the degree you want and let's you take the classes you want because there is a wide variety of choices for classes.

Resource information


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Phone Number: 1800-tip-wdnr

Job Advertiment

Would you like to be an agricultural engineer. It is the perfect chance. There is a job opening right now. You should apply if you like to work outside and like to work with others to problem solve. Then you should apply if you like to design new things. Finally you should apply if you are looking for a job that pays good. This job pays 52,000 dollars a year.


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