Up On the Hill

Anderson-Shiro Secondary: September 8th - September 11th



Two weeks down and on to the third!!! I hope that each of you enjoyed a restful and relaxing three day weekend. You are truly amazing and I enjoy the work I am seeing happening in your classrooms. I am getting complements from parents about how happy their children are this year and that is direct reflection of you!!! Keep up the good work!!


We are on our third week of school. It is moving fast and furious with a lot of exciting things coming up.

Class Elections

High School students and teachers will be meeting second period for a brief officer election meeting on Thursday morning as soon as the second period bell rings. Mrs. Hesterman will run this meeting about class officers. She will then, at a later date, meet with sponsors to discuss how class elections will be held so that the following Wednesday sponsors are prepared to hold those elections during their class meeting. If you have any questions or concerns about this please let me know.

Character Counts Trait

Please continue looking for students who exhibit the character counts trait of Trustworthiness. Please support this trait in your classrooms by pointing out examples of trustworthiness. We will nominate a student of the month based on Trustworthiness so as you recognize this trait please send an email to Mrs. Bradford, nominating your student.

This Months College Theme

For the month of September we will decorate our door with a college, trade school or military branch of your choice. Please have your door decorated by September 18th making sure to include some interesting facts (pictorially or written). You can get as creative as you would like.


We will continue to do informal walkthroughs this upcoming week. Before formal walkthroughs begin we will visit about your PD goals. If you haven't done so already, please start working on your PD goals based on last years walk-throughs and your self-evaluation.

Teacher Attendance

WAY TO GO!!!! Due to awesome faculty and staff attendance we were able to wear jeans almost every day this week.

Monday - 100%

Tuesday - 100

Wednesday - 100%

Thursday - 100%

Friday - 97%

CLC News


Should you be absent, please get with your CLF to plan for a time to make up what you missed. Please know that our CLL and CLF's work hard to prepare each meeting ensuring that it is created around your needs. These needs are determined by desegregating student and teacher data. Should you ever find yourself wondering why you are working on something please feel free to ask so that it can be clarified.

Roles of the CLL and CLF

Our campus CLL and CLF's take on many roles throughout the school year and sometimes throughout the day. Your CLL and CLF's are that of a resource provider, data coach, curriculum specialist, instructional specialist, mentor, classroom supporter, learning facilitator, school leader, catalyst for change and a learner. Through these roles they are able to better assist in areas that you need. With that being said there will be times throughout the year that I will be asking or you may want them in your classrooms. I may also ask that you observe a classroom or if you would allow a teacher to observe you. Please know that I am seeing amazing things and I think that in order for us to continue on this path of growth it is important for our doors to be open so that others can observe the great things happening!

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