Laws of the Body


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The Law of Recuperation: Rest, Recreation, and Sleep

Recuperation is the counterbalance to the law of movement

Continuing on with Dr Thurman Fleet’s Laws of the Body from the book Rays of the Dawn.

“There is a great Natural Law that demands of every living creature a sufficient amount of rest and sleep. During this period of inactivity, the forces of the body endeavor to repair the damage that has been done throughout the day.”

1. Rest – one should know Why, When, What, and How we should rest. Overall "tiredness" is a key signal from the intelligence within that activity should cease and rest should begin. Many people often report sleeping better after getting adjusted … why… because they become more connected to the innate intelligence which helps govern our natural sleep cycles. During periods of rest, the rate of restoration and regeneration increases, especially to the parts of our bodies and organs that were overworked during the day. It's also important to remember, mental rest is equally as signinficant as physical rest. So, what have you done recently to NATURALLY give yourself a mental break??

2. Recreation – engaging in alternate activities - allows us the opportunity to break our machine like repetitive behaviors and fire up the brain in new and creative ways. Dr. Fleet writes, “every individual should daily participate in some form of amusement.” When we perform and learn new skills, and take time for brain activating entertainment, we allow our brain to create new neural pathways. It,s been said, "If you don't use, you lose it." We should all make a commitment to continually participate in activities that help to stimulate our brain in ways that promote the constant evolution of mind, body, and soul.

3. Sleep – although not complete because there are some functions of the body that never cease - sleep is a state of rest or freedom from physical and mental effort….. frequently the thoughts and problems from your conscious day will pass into the unconscious and be the subject of dreams. And it is not uncommon to awaken with a problem solved that was weighing upon the conscious mind during the previous day of activity. Don’t underestimate the value of “Let’’s sleep on it…” If one can not sleep well, or has insomnia this is a danger signal that there is imbalance in the body, that something is wrong with your health or habits.

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