The boy who saved Baseball

by: Carmen Skyberg


I think the theme of this story is to try to tell people that practice make perfect and to always be positive  about thing.


The charecter I thought was the best was Tom. One of the reson I chose Tom was because he changed alot in the story. He became more and more interesting. He was one of the baseball players, he was one of those who werent very good. But through out the story he became better and better. At the end of the story he improved alot, so now he is one of the good players.

Tom grew in this story because he was extreamly shy in the begining but at the end he saw the world throuhg his eyes so now he is not shy any more


The climax of this book was when Tom was last to small bat and the game was tied up. He took a couple of swing, but he missed the tiny fast ball. Then he saw the ball come to him he swiged and hit a pop fly. On the other team the pitch, third-baseman and short stop all called it. They were about to catch it but then it swerved to third and it drop. No one caught it. Tom had won the game for the Wildcats.

My hero

My hero would be my amazing mom and dad, because they are always helping me with hard work and school and exedra. They pay for me to go to school and have a black roof over my head. They also bye me cool, fun stuff sometimes things I might need and some times things i dont need. They let me have the choise of being in sports like gymnastics, softball, track  and basketball. That is why my  mom and dad are my inspiring heros.