Schumacher Shout Outs!

January 15th, 2016

This Week's Shout Outs:

Michelle Price-

A shout out for coordinating soup day! From Amy Toebben

Michelle Schwinger and Gary Farris-

A shout out for helping me get to school without my car!

Lisa Gray-

Thank you so much for working with my kids this week. We love having you! From Abby Jewell

Michelle Schwinger, Gary Farris, Rosalie Kimbrell, and Vickie Boggs-

A shout out to the lunch helpers that help Drew keep up the lunch tables when he gets a call that a kid got sick. You are wonderful.

Drew Gossett-

A shout out for always being there when we need you! From Maureen McCubbin

Laura Pixler-

A shout out for being a great friend and team member. You are always so helpful and positive to everyone in your life. From Ruthann Johnson

Stephanie Schlemper-

A shout out for being so good at modeling how your students should be working/learning! You do such a good job teaching! From Loralei Sneed

Becky Starnes-

A shout out for taking the time to consult with me despite your busy schedule! Your input is invaluable! From Michelle Brown

Ashley Johnson and Ruthann Johnson-

A shout out for changing out my bulletin board to another fabulous design when I was out- Love it! Form Kelly Henrichs

Ashley Johnson-

A shout out for being a fun lunch buddy and joining our Monday night group text. From Kristin Smith

Beth Todtfeld-

A shout out for hooking me up with some buckets! From Michelle Schwinger

Drew Gossett-

A shout out for creating miniature superheroes to help certain students be successful during challenging days. From Nancy Testorff

Schumacher Staff-

A shout out for all of your prayers, thoughts, hugs, and kind words this past week. It truly helps. From Kelly Henrichs

Lisa, Kristin, and Julie-

A shout out for adding me to your Monday night group text. From Ashley Johnson

Kindergarten Team-

A shout out for referencing weather information and taking a proactive approach to recess in support of your students! From Chris Gabriel

Michelle Price-

A shout out for organizing soup group! From Jane Minnick

Kindergarten Team-

A shout out for always getting things done and being flexible so we can put kids first. Yay Team! From Laurie Walls

Doug Bass-

A shout out for rescuing my lost lunchbox to a fridge! From Stephanie Schlemper

Abby Crossett-

A shout out for letting me use a K-cup of coffee! Lifesaver! From Stephanie Schlemper

Nikki Miller-

A shout out for patience while communicating with families. From Abby Crossett

Cynthia White-

A shout out for bringing me Hershey pie and always being willing to stand on the orange square. From Beth Todtfeld

Brittany Townsend-

A shout out for sharing ideas and technology!

Amy Birkland-

A shout out for always helping with Emma before school. From Megan Bright

Michelle Price-

A shout out for organizing the soup group again this year! From Rosalie Kimbrell

Cathy Mitchell-

A shout out for handling a very angry parent in the nicest way. Good Job! From Ashley Johnson