College Choices

by Ellie Kim


Georgia Institute of Technology

First Look

  • The school is located in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • It has about 14,527 undergraduate students and 5,386 graduate students.
  • The in-state tuition is only about $8,258, compared to the $27,562 out-of-state tuition.

Tech Campus

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Georgia Tech is a huge school with many buildings for different purposes. Many academic events ranging from elementary to high school are held within specific buildings. Although there are many academic buildings, there are also some recreational buildings like the swim center, gym, and the undergraduate study building.

Some areas that Georgia Tech focuses on are:

  • Architecture and Community Planning

  • Arts
  • Biological Sciences
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Business, Management, and Administrative Services
  • Computer Science and Information Technologies
  • Counseling and Human Services
  • Engineering
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Interdisciplinary and General Studies
  • Journalism and Communications
  • Languages, Literature, and Linguistics
  • Mathmatics and Statistics
  • Natural Resources
  • Physical Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences
  • Transportation

Of these listed above, three of the top areas of focus I would be interested in would be:

- Biological Sciences

- Mathematics and Statistics

- Physical Sciences

Degree - Master's

Fun Facts

  • Georgia Tech is a hard school to get into, as the school only accepts about 60% of all applicants.
  • It is easier for a girl to get in than a boy because the boys turn in more applications, but the schools wants to keep a fair ratio of girls to boys.
  • The ratio of student to faculty is 18:1.

Georgia Tech Contact


225 North Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30332