Fitness & Wellness Coordinator

By:Janus Smith

My Future

I know I'm still young so this might change. In the future I would love to be training people. I like to be in charge. I would like to physically train people. For example, I would like to train people in athletic things. Maybe one day ill be training famous people like Beyonce' so she can stay fit . When I'm married my husband and i can workout with him and have fun with him. We would be living in a nice big decent home. I would like to have two kids. One boy and one girl. I honestly don't know where I I would be living in the future. I would love to live in a community with gated houses. I just want my dreams to come true.

Personality Test

According to the personality test I'm and orange. I always need fun and excitement in life. I value a lot of skill, specifically physical. I also love to compete. I seek a relationship with shared activities, and interest. Also I'm impulsive and I censor life as a game.

The jobs that I picked really do describe me. From zone 4, I picked a job to train others. I would love to train people. I like things to go my way. Also from zone 4 I would love to be a Sales Manager. I want to sell things and analyze data, and develop training programs. When I'm working I want a career that allows me to be independent and have freedom. That means I would like to start my own business.

The jobs that I picked really do fit my personality because I'm the type of person to be independent and have freedom. Training allows me to train people and connect while having individuality and independence.

O*Net Intrest Profiler

  • Realistic:0
  • Investigation:3
  • Artistic:19
  • Social:19
  • Enterprising:30
  • Conventional:6
People with Enterprising interests like work that has to do with starting up and carrying out a business projects. These people like training action rather than thinking about things.

They Like:

  • Persuading and leading people
  • Making decisions
  • Taking risks for profits

Career Choices

Zone1: Waiter

Zone2:Physical therapist aides

Zone3:Insurance Sales Agents

Zone4:Training others

Zone4:Sales Manager

Zone5:School Psychologist

Zone3:Train others to accomplish

Zone3:Food Service Manager


Zone4:Special Agents

Final Three Career Choices

Sales Agents, Financial Services

What they do:

  • Sell Financial Services, such as loans,tax,and securities. Counseling to costumers of financial institutions and business establishments.
On the job, would would,

  • Determine customers financial service needs and prepare proposals to sell services.
  • Prepare forms or agreements to compete sales.
  • Sell service equipment, such as trust,investments,or check processing services.
Salary:72,070 per year

Job outlook: New opportunities are Very likely in the future.

Education needed:Highschool diploma/GED/Bachelors degree.

Fitness and Wellness Coordinators

What they do:

Manage or coordinate fitness and wellness programs and service. Manage and train of wellness specialist, health educators, or fitness instructors.

On the job, you would:

  • Manage or oversee fitness or recreation facilities,ensuring safe and clean facilities and equipment.
  • Provide individual support counseling in general wellness or nutrition.
  • Develop or coordinate fitness and wellness programs or service.
Salary:77,020 per year

Job outlook :New job opportunities are Very likely in the future.

Education need:Bachelors deggree or Masters degree.

General & Operations Manager

What they do:

Plan director coordinate the operations of public or private sector organization. Duties and responsibilities include formulating policies, managing daily operations, and planning the use of materials and human resources, but are to be classified in any one functional area of management or demonstration, such as personal, purchasing or administrate services.

On the job, they:

  • Review financial statements, sales or activity report, or other performance data to measure productivity or goal achievement.
  • Direct administrative activities directly related to making products or providing services.
  • Direct and coordinate activities of the business or departments concerned with the production, pricing, sales, to distribution of product.
Salary: 97,270 per year

Job outlook:New job opportunities are very likely in the future.

Education needed:Bachelors degree

Fitness & Wellness Coordinators

Finally, I narrowed it down to one job. I picked Fitness & Wellness Coordinators. This is a job I would love to do. This job requires physical doing. I would be able to manage or coordinate fitness & wellness service. I would also provide individual support counseling in general wellness or nutrition. Also the pay is great.

Final Three University's

School Name: University of Texas at Austin


Annual Cost:


Tuition/Cost in-state,on campus:21,912.00

Tuition/Cost out-of-state,on campus:41,140.00


Number of Applications:29,501 per year

Percent Admitted:44%


  • Physical education
  • Business Management
School Name:Louisiana State University

Annual Cost:


Tuition/Cost in-state,on campus:16,546.00

Tuition/Cost out-of-state, on campus:25,260.00


Number of Applications:11,452 per year

Percent Admitted:73%


  • Business Administration and Management
  • Marketing
  • Physical Education

School Name:University of San Diego

Annual Cost:


Tuition/Cost in-state,on campus:50,670.00

Tuition/Cost out-of-state, on campus:50,670.00


Number of Applications:10,584 per year

Percent Admitted:52%


  • Business Administration
  • Management and Operations
  • Physical Education

Final School

I choose Louisiana State University(LSU) because the amount of people that gets into the school a year is excellent. Also tuition fees aren't that bad. I wanted to go to a University of San Diego but there way too expensive. LSU is perfect because I'm not too far from home and I'm not too close.
LSU Pregame Song Remix

Monthly Expenses: Plano

  • Housing:$770
  • Utilities:$384
  • Food$400
  • Transportation:$543
  • Clothes:$325
  • Health Care:$611
  • Personal:$450
  • Entertainment:$199
  • Misc:$600
  • Savings:$214
  • Student debt loan:$247
Monthly Expenses:$4,743

Annual Expenses:$56,917

Taxes(25%) of Annual Expenses:$14,229

Annual Salary needed:$71,146


The salary I would be making perfect for all of my expenses. I would be making $77,020

a year which is perfect because i would only need $71,146. With the rest of the money I would be able to have for myself.