GRE Staff Newsletter

For the Week of May 13, 2019

Dear Team,

Wow! What an incredible week celebrating teachers! A huge thank you to our wonderful PTO for such an amazing week of fun! The countdown continues this week as we inch closer to the final days of the school year. With two data teams complete, we look forward to the growth, conversations, and laughter that the final data teams will bring this week!

As teachers, we are always looking for ways to grow and challenge ourselves. As an instructional leader, I do the same. As my first year comes to a close, I want to hear from you. Please complete the following Building Leadership Survey before the end of the school year. I appreciate your time and feedback.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Enjoy these last 9 days, I know they will get crazy, but as we inch closer and closer to the end, don't forget the impact you each made on each and every one of those special faces. This is the best, most bittersweet time to be a teacher, enjoy the ride!

With love and appreciation,


Challenge Day Jeans Week - enjoy jeans this week if you contributed to Challenge Day

1. Data Teams will continue this week. Ginna will be running these meetings and we are all going to have to be flexible in order to pull these off. Finding subs on Data Team meeting days is almost impossible. Here are the Spring Data Team dates. Data meetings will take place everyday, so prepare for the unexpected.

Monday 5/13- Kinder

Tuesday 5/14- 3rd Grade

Thursday 5/16- 2nd Grade

Friday 5/17- SLC’s

Here is a link to Spring Data team agenda. I hope you have productive days and I look forward to jumping in to help when I return to work on the 15th.

2. Christine shared the final Eagle Ed information. A few reminders...

-Please have your activity filled out by this Friday, May 10th.

-There will be TWO sessions in the afternoon (exact times coming soon)

- Please make sure to fill out the Teacher Sign Up for session 1 & session 2 AND also create your student sign ups for session 1 & session 2.

-You are welcome to do the same activity twice or offer to various grades for each session, but PLEASE be looking to make sure we have enough availability for ALL students : )

-Keep the student's interests in mind! Look back to the survey responses if you need ideas...if there are not enough students in a session we will have to cancel/combine.

Jody already put in her activities, so if you need an example to look at check hers out! Let the Related Arts team know if you have any questions.

Session 1 Sign Up

Session 2 Sign Up

3. An important note from our custodial team. Now that the weather is changing there has been an increase in lamps and projectors being left on at the end of the day. Please make sure you turn these off prior to leaving. In addition, there have been a few times where windows have been left open. This is a huge security risk, please make sure if you open your windows during the day, that you double check they are closed when you leave. Thanks for your help with these important issues!

4. Field Day donations needed! We are looking to borrow 7 corn hole games for Field Day. If you have one you would be willing to let us use for field day, please let Jody know. We are also looking for three more heavy duty coolers on wheels. If you have one you'll let us use, let Jody know! We'd love to use staff items instead of reaching out to the PTO with all they are doing at the moment.

5. As a reminder, we will be using Spring BAS data to form our beginning of the school year Intervention Groups. Key points include:

-Intervention teachers will do EOY Assessments on students they have in group

-Classroom Teachers will test all of the remaining students, unless a teacher communicates with their Intervention Teacher that they would like to test a specific student

-If you find you can't meet this timeline, please reach out to Kate and we will come up with a way to support you

-Classroom teachers need to make sure you know students as a reader because you will be speaking to whether or not a students is put in an Intervention Group in the Fall

-You do not have to test a student who is reading a year or more above Grade Level (I do expect that you will write what level text you are working on with the student in Guided Reading on the Benchmark Assessment Letter, there will be further discussion if we need to revise the letter to simply say Reading Level instead of BAS Reading Level)

-Please know that if you tested a student for SLO on STAR, you have the option to retest them when EOY Benchmarking testing starts (it is not mandatory).

6. A reminder that I will be out of the building May 9th through May 14th (I will be at PAC on the 14th).The building is in good hands with Ginna! She's got this! There will be other administrators pitching in to help so don't be surprised if you stop by my office and find a different face in there, they are committed to helping us out so please use them.

7. Eagle's Last Flight - our graduating seniors will be making their way through the halls of GRE on Thursday. We will line the hallways (similar to our clap-out) and cheer them on as the take their final walk through the hallway. Please encourage your students to cheer them on! They are scheduled to arrive around 10:00, if this changes, we will make an announcement.

8. Don't forget to complete your Public School Works training.

Week at a Glance

A very happy birthday to Hoss and Ashley Kurena who are celebrating this week!

Monday, May 13- B Day; Kindergarten Data Teams, 4th Grade OHIO Week, 1st Grade Camp Week

Tuesday, May 14- C Day; PAC Meeting, Third Grade Data Teams

Wednesday, May 15- D Day; Tornado/Fire Drill (Time TBD)

Thursday, May 16- A Day; Second Grade Data Teams, Field Trip for First Grade, Eagles Last Flight, Golden Eagle Award Celebration

Friday, May 17- B Day; SLC Data Teams

Saturday, May 18 - High School Graduation

Upcoming Important Dates:

May 20 Field Day 9:15-11:15 and 12:30-2:30

May 21 Variety Show (Pie in the Faces) 9:00-10:30, 2-3; Volunteer Lunch

May 22 Discovery Day AM and Eagle Ed PM

May 23 Last Day of School-Dunk Tank/Kona Ice; Clap Out for 4th Graders; Report Cards & Assess. Letters Home