This Week at AES

1/11 - 1/15

This Week at a Glance

Monday 1/11

  • School Mall Kick-off
  • Student Voice Survey Window Opens
  • Whole Group Lighthouse Meeting

Tuesday 1/12

  • Christ Club
  • Staff Meeting: WLES/AES Learning Meeting at WLES

Wednesday 1/13

  • No Special Events Planned

Thursday 1/14

  • Bluegrass Performance 8 am Caleb out PM

Friday 1/15

  • 4th Grade Town Meeting
  • Assistant’s Meeting in Barbara’s Office 12:30
  • House Meeting until 1:45 -- House Assembly (will be called to the gym)
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Reading Challenge

I have been asking students if they read the prior night each morning. This week I challenge each of you to ask 2 students a day to “Tell you about what they have read?”

If every staff member did this each week, we could potentially be encouraging everyone of our students to read each week.

Notes for the Week

This Week is a Intermediate Guidance Week

  • This week is a Real Hacienda Jean Week. $6 for Jeans and $5 for the lunch. $10 for Both. Please pay cash in the office.
  • As a PLC start working on your timeline to complete these items prior to April 30th :
  • Development and Implementation of 1 Science Unit
  • Implementation of Lucy Calkins Unit
  • Examine current Essential Standards: Add standards that you believe are Essential to your grade level and Remove standards that your grade level do not believe are essential.
  • Examine ELA and Math Standards and determine which non-essential standards are Secondary and Tertiary. Achieve the Core’s Major Works of the Grade should be used for Mathematics.

Hot Links

  • Information on the Sessions with Sarah and Barbara can be found here.
  • Please be mindful of your printing. When possible, always print to the copy machine and not actual printers. Printer printing costs 5 times the amount of printing to the copier. Reports of our largest printers can be found here.