Unintentional Auto related deaths

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Education On Auto Related Deaths

People need to be educated about auto related deaths About 34,000 people each year die from unintentional auto accidents. An additional 2 million people are injured in car accidents. So people need to be educated about auto related deaths or they could risk having a car accident that leads to death. About 30,000 of that 34,000 deaths is related to car accidents. Road traffic crashes rank 9th in leading causes of deaths globally. Nearly 1,600 children in the U.S each year die from car accidents.

Ways to prevent fatal car accidents

  1. Try and stay focused on driving rather than something else
  2. Stay at the speed limit.DON'T SPEED
  3. Don't get in the car with a drinker
  4. Don't drive while your tired
  5. Wear a seat belt
  6. Don't drink and drive
  7. Avoid checking your cell phone while driving
5 First Aid Measures To Take If An Accident Ever Happens

  1. Call 911 and inform them of any injuries
  2. Don't discuss what happened with anyone but the police
  3. Immediately report what happen to your insurance company
  4. Stay with your vehicle until police arrive
  5. If there are any injuries immediately have them treated

Summarry on news article

On march 10 2014 16 year old Damien Henderson was killed by being thrown out of his car in a car accident related to drunk driving.Larry Molloy was the man who was driving while he was drunk and speeding.He was driving 80 mph on a 65 mph speed zone.He then hit a guard rail and spun out.Then he hit Damien's car causing Damien's car to flip multiple times.Damien was then thrown out of his car landing face first on the concrete which caused him to die.