Post Heart Transplant at Home

Ariel, Charli, Annabelle and Shane

What to be expecting

Having a transplant will require serious dedication from not only the patient but also their family in oder to maintain the post transplant regimen. This will need to be followed for the rest of the patients life in order to continue a healthy lifestyle. Following a strict diet, exercise and medication have been said to change ones previous lifestyle. Although you may miss some of the things you were able to do before sticking to this new lifestyle allows you to pursue a life with your new heart.


Medication that you may have to take after your transplant can have harmful side effects that may cause other health issues. Some of the medication that is prescribed to prevent your body from rejecting the new organ can also hurt the ability for your body to fight off infection, can raise your blood pressure, or can cause your bones to weaken due to a lack of calcium. Not all patients will experience these side effects.

3 Most Important Things To Remember

Emotional Health

Often times people who have a heart transplant may feel overwhelmed, depressed or worried about possible complications. This types of emotions are common for those who have had a heart transplants. It is important to contact your doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. This may cause your doctor to prescribe you medication or recommend you to attend support groups. If you are a family or friend of someone who has had a transplant make sure they know you are there for them and help them in any way you can.