cyberbullying preventions/solutions

10 preventions

-stay off the Internet

- dont respond to the person

- save all the evidence

- reach out for help tell someone you trust about whos bullying you

-block the person

- tell the person to stop

- contact the persons parents

-nearly 30% of students are involved in bullying

- 15% are bullied

-20% are the ones bullying

3 things someone can do to protect themselves from being the target of a cyberbully

- stay off the internet

- block people you don't know

- respect others

3 safe ways to respond to cyber bullying

- tell them to leave you alone

-dont respond at all

-dont bully back

3 websites




consequences of bullying

- suspension from school

- you could face juvi

Audrie Pott life story

Audrie Pott was a 15 year old student at Saratoga High School in california. Audrie had committed suicide by hanging on September 12, 2012. Around the beginning of September she went to a party with 10 other teens who were drunk. Audrie was sexually assaulted by 3 guys who pleaded guilty and spent time in juvenile hall. During the assault people took pictures and posted them all over the internet and she got bullied so bad she committed suicide. Audrie told her mom that she drank too much vodka and passed out in the upstairs bedroom, when she woke up half naked she saw that there was a bunch of mean writing all over her body. Audries parents sued the boys for their daughters death.