Cage-Free System

Emily Wardenburg


Free To Roam And Go Outside During Any Daylight Hours, Unconfined Within A Ventilated Hen House

Number Of Birds/Eggs Produced Each Year

235 Egg Farmers With Flocks Of 75,000 Hens Or More

System Effects Of Bird Health/Nutrition

  • Higher Omega 3 Fatty Acid
  • More Vitatmin e & A
  • 1/3 Cholesterol
  • 1/4 Fat Content

System Effects Of Bird Safety

  • Possibility Of Predators Outdoor=Good Fencing Can Prevent That
  • Chance Of Diseases But Not Easily Spread To Other Chickens Because They Are Not Close Together; Hen Can Be Taken Out If It Has A Disease

Cost Of Eggs

$9 For Three Dozens

Cost To Start Up

  • $350 Per Pen
  • $200 Per House

Quality Produce

  • Color Is Better
  • Less Hormones
  • Has Lighter Yolk So Has Omega 3


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More Advantages To Free Range Than Cage Chickens. Better Production And Quality Of Free Range Eggs.