Building different "contraptions," small and big!


I got hooked onto engineering all because of my dad. When I was a young kid, he would encourage me to play with Legos, building blocks, and puzzles. I believe that is where my love for engineering came from.

I have enjoyed this interest since I was in the 1st grade. For as long as I can remember, I have been trying to create fun little toys out of random objects I find around the house. These toys mostly had something to do with projecting an object across the room.

I love how I have to use all types of skills; mathematics, physics, design, etc. I also love how I get to use hand tools for when I'm constructing out of wood.

I achieved creating both helpful and exciting things, most out of wood. I have made a tree house by myself, constructed a bridge across a creek for when I go home from school, and create a very well-built wooden chair that is quite comfortable when I sit in it.

Mr. Cupps

Mr. Cupps is my Residential Construction teacher over at the Tech Center. This is my first class in Res. Construction, also this is my first year at the tech center.

Mr. Cupps has taught me all that I know about Res. Carpentry (same class), and he has yet to teach me more. Without him, I would not have been able to construct my comfortable wooden chair.

Some of the Top Jobs Include...

Guaranteed to be Sweaty and Stinky

1) Why would I want to be sweaty and stinky as my job?

2) Are there any close bathrooms on the construction site?