By: Paige Ramsey

what happend to slaves if they tryed to escape?

Slaves would often be beaten with a paddle or wip. They were also sold ''south'' which ment they were sold to another person that was much further then where they were before. Slaves did not deserve this.
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why was slavery such a big deal ?

slavery was a huge deal because it was not right for people to own and beat other people. The reason slavery was going on is people needed someone else to do all the work in the field.

The Underground Railroad

the underground railroad was a secret network put together by people who helped slaves escape to freedom. the underground railroad helped over 800 slaves get to freedom.
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My Opinion

In my opinion, slavery should've never happened, but it did and its still in some parts of the world today, which is sad and needs to be stopped. there is really no point of slavery, when people can work for themselves


http:\\\wiki\history_of_slavery. A lot of christens, christens sold musem slaves

http:\\\2012\03. Anthony Johnson, he was black.

http:\\\wiki\history_history_of_slavery estimated 29.8 million people are living with slavery today.

http:\\\about\about12.cfm slaves often would be sold "south" (much farther from where they were before" slaves would be beaten

http:\\\about\about12.cfm underground railroad as a secret network put together by people who helped others to escape

http:\\\about\about12.cfm ended by the emancipation proclamation that became a law January 1st, 1963

http:\\\about\about12.cfm people needed slaves to do all the Ranching and farming, it took the Civil War to end slavery