Host Homes Needed

Now looking for host homes for International Interns

International Interns??

The last few years Field has been privileged to have International Interns from Spanish speaking countries. Interns work with Field students and teachers through the whole school year. Interns strengthen our program through providing a cultural perspective to our units of inquiry and providing students additional exposure and practice to Spanish. They have provided our students with invaluable opportunities to interact with someone from another country. The only way this opportunity will continue for FIeld students is through families opening their homes.

Why Host an Intern?

Hosting an international intern for an extended period of time can be a life changing experience!

  • Allowing your family to develop a meaningful relationship with someone from another culture. Interns will interact with your family and friends creating international friendship and cultural understanding on a local level. You will both create memories to last a lifetime.
  • Learn about another country and culture. Interns are prepared to share their culture through food, music, and personal interaction. Living and sharing together will break down pre-existing sterotypes and creates unforgettable expeirences for your family and the intern.
  • Help support the learning of all students at Field. Interns provide a diversity in our school we could not replicate through other means. By volunteering your home, you will allow all the students at Field to benefit from the experience.

What is required?

Host families provide Interns with the following:

  • Private bedroom
  • All meals
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Opportunity to become "a part of the family"
  • Complete a home visit with Dr. Bagwell
  • Can commit to hosting an intern for a semester or the full year.

Who are the Interns?

Interns are young adults between the ages of 22-28. They are currently attending (or just graduated) universities in their country and are studying in the education field. Many interns are interested in the program so they can return to their countries and be more marketable educators as well as gain invaluable educational experience. All interns are screened by the Amity institute and must pass background checks in order to qualify for the program. Additionally, all interns do have to pass basic English proficiency. Field staff interview candidates prior to inviting them to come to Field.

Who might be our intern for 2015-16?

We have interviewed and would like to invite Nataly Munuz Parra to be our intern next school year. She is from Lota, Chili and recently graduated with an education degree in English Pedagogy. She enjoys sports, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. Her desire is to come to America to share her culture and become a stronger teacher. She enjoys meeting people from other places and looks forward to the possibility of building strong relationships here within the Field Community. Our previous interns have been from Spain and Columbia so we are excited about the possibility of hosting an intern from Chili.

How have the interns impacted families and students?

"Carla is like a member of our family. The girls consider her a big sister and still text with her all of the time. We gained a lot of Spanish vocabulary and learned about Spanish culture, foods, and about Barcelona and Catalonia. We also now have someone to visit in Barcelona!" - Bowles Family

Where can I find out more or apply?

We have a FAQ page on the FIeld web site from Amity Institute (the organization who overseees the International Intern program). You can find it here:

Please contact Dr. Bagwell or Ms. Zettl if you have further questions or would like to explore this exciting opportunity.