Whole Brain Teaching

Whole brain teaching is considered a best practice, because this method of teaching seeks to empower students as learners.
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The teacher of a whole brain classroom (WBC) uses this attention getter before beginning every class.


This is used when giving information that you want the students to remember. A great example is when teaching new vocabulary words.

Switch would be used when you want the groups to switch teaching the information.


This is used when you want the students to pay extra close attention. Saying it hands and eyes and having the students say it three times back helps ensure that all students are participating and listening.


This is used when you want to gain control of the students and you want them to mimic directions. Students repeat all gestures as well. When you want to initiate mirror you simply say mirror. When you want mirror to end you say un mirror.
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As Graham Tyrer puts it, "Using the principles of whole brain learning, everyone is a potential genius" (8). If we as teachers embrace the differences each student brings to the table, while also incorporating fun active lessons into our teaching, there can be no room for failure.